Welcome to the Official Website of the Industrial/Aggrotech band. "Get ready for CALL OF WAR"


“Dementhia is the crushing steel, the call of war, the spooky voice inside your head, the sick, the wrath, the psycho in you.”


Welcome to the grotesque world of Dementhia


Who’s Dementhia?

Vocals, Programing – Draco
Sequence Controll & Synths – Lady Mond




Dementhia is the first band to incorporate true Industrial/EBM/Aggrotech style in the music scene of the El Paso/Juarez. Bringing unique mixes, grotesque characters, and visual representations in each show, ending with the monotony..

Everything starts with a disheveled idea by Draco on 2009, looking to experiment with stronger things in the Industrial/EBM/ Aggrotech scene/music, such as themes, composition, style and lyrics. With dark/industrial/goth/black influence he begins with the proyect Dementhia.

Since the beginning Draco noticed that the idea and project started to get the attention of the people with the crazy look and image and also the grotesque of the music.

Dementhia debuted on January 2010, sharing stage with wellknow band from Tijuana: T.R.A.U.M.A.

At the end of 2010 Lady Mond was invited to be part of the project

Dementhia started to work harder than ever and they had their first big shot on the TERRORBYTE: 2 day Cyber Fest (Feb 25-26th 2011) at Austin TX. sharing the stage with amazing bands from Texas like:

Then back in El Paso on May 27th, they performed with CHANT (Austin TX.) with the super talented Bradley and Chris, now good friends of Dementhia.

Few weeks after, they got an invitation to enter a contest for the Don’t Mess With Industrial Compilation, directed by Tj Monson and Andrew Kelly. They describe this project as: “The first of what we hope will be many comps. to come. Trying to unite a scene and a sub-culture”. And Dementhia got one of the 14 spots in the CD, featuring their song “Infectious Plague”. The album was available on August 1st.

In September went back for more at Austin, TX by being part of the Texas Industrial Fest 2011. They performed with Bind.Torture.Kill, Angels of Suicide, Virus Filter, Chant, Souless Affection, Hipnautica and Asylum Black.

To close 2011, Dementhia got the opportunity to performed in the first Cyber Genetic Winter Festival (San Antonio, TX), created by Dj Inferno and the family of Don’t Mess With Industrial. The band shared stage with “A list” bands in the Industrial/Electro scene: 00tz 00tz, Sin DNA, Manufactura and the amazing REAXION GUERRILLA and LEATHER STRIP.

On 2012, Dementhia started a series of presentation in the local area. Sharing stage with Esper Machine and bands from near city Juarez. They stayed quiet for a while working on new music, lyrics and getting ready for a busy 2013 with the release of their first album.

Recently they performed with CYLAB (NY) and got the opportunity of a life time. They will be have a special presentation at the Lumen Obscura 3 at CA.

Also Dementhia is getting the attention of people around the area because of the big interest that they have not only for promote their own music in shows, but for getting local and near area bands to be exposed in El Paso TX. So now any musician, bands, proyects of the industrial scene can have a chance to be known in this border. They started to promote little by little a series of events with important bands so soon they can have more bigger events for the people that love electro/industrial/EBM/Aggrotech music.

Right now Dementhia is closing their first cycle with some pure aggrotech/EBM music with some military and psycho themes work, so they can be ready for the debut album.

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